piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

Lista rzeczy do USA!!

            The most important : passport, the DS2019 form, xero visa and passport

1. Clothes :
 * Shoes (Nike, boots, sneakers, flats and shoes to the beach)
 * Shorts (light, dark, jeans shorts and overall)
 * Skirts (mini jeans skirt , green, claret pencil skirt, long blue)
 * Dresses (leopard-print dress, in stars, white and blue)
 * Trousers (brown, jeans, leggins, light and tracksuit trousers)
 * Blouses ("kiss me quick", lace mint T-shirt, grey models T-shirt, blue tunic, yellow blouse, black with white dots blouse, stripe shirt, black with white ruffle blouse, white with valance blouse, short pink top, cyan top, cropp with Family Guy T-shirt, white T-shirt, dark blue top)
 * Cardigans (grey, mint, long brown, red, black, fluffy brown, jeans jacket, atari and nike jumpers, martes jacket and winter jacket(?))
 * Underwear (pants, braas, socks, knee socks, flat-socks, pajama and small towel)
 * Accesories (2 scarves, cap, woolen cap, sunglasses, black and white waist belts, shepherd's plaid belt, dark blue suspenders, bag to the beach, small purse, claret neckwarmer, bikini)

2. Jewellery :
earings from Anrzej ;*, ring from parents, bracelets (with charms, with heart, plait, green, on ankle from Andrzej ;*, golden and with diamondies), pearls and the feather)

3. Cosmetics :
BB-cream, Affinitone, mascara, shadows for eyelids, blue eye-pencil, blusher, lipstick, paintbrushes, NIVEA cream, toothpaste (+small to the plane), toothbrush, for hair : the mask, conditioner and shampoo, argan oil, bands and barrettes, the comb of course!, the perfumes, shavers, tweezers, emery board, nail-cutter, shower gel, body balm, body scrub, deodorant)

4. Electric equipment :
hair straightener, digital camera + cable and xd card, mp3 player + headphones, cell phone + charger, laptop + charger and my new external hard drive 1 TB - I just got this from my boyfriend Andrzej ;*

5. Medication :
Theraflu, Cholinex, Aspirin, Lokomotiv

I think that's all! :)

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